As the Summer draws closer, we sometimes hold off on checking our AC system prior to the Summer heat. It might be cost concerns or it might be that we think the AC system will just always work when Summer comes around. We might just lack the time to call someone out to do routine maintenance or perform an important checkup. Sometimes it seems like we don’t even think about it until the heat is right on top of us. We are probably still in the mindset that we just got out of a winter blast with historic temperatures. We are probably not even thinking of heat yet, but believe me, Summer is coming, it is around the corner and if you’ve lived in Texas for any length of time, Summers in Texas can be brutal. So we came up with a new Summer Blog Series called “Conditioning Yourself To Summer With Hal Watson”. We will talk about what you should do as you get closer to Summer, what you should do to maximize the efficiency of your Air Conditioning system, and what you should do if you run into any problems. For this initial blog posting, we will talk about steps to assure that your system is working well before Summer arrives.

Getting To Know Your AC System

If you were to assess how your family member is doing or even your family pet, one of the things you would do is make sure that your loved one is taken care of regarding their health. Eating right, exercising and on occasion, having them looked over by a family physician. It doesn’t mean that there is something wrong, but it does help determine if something is not functioning properly. It helps you know to address the issue and catch the issue in its early stages and reduce costs and inconvenience. The same goes with your AC system. It is good to visually inspect the unit occasionally and to try to see if anything is out of the ordinary. And it is also necessary to have an experienced AC technician come out and give your AC unit a once over to make sure that everything is ok. It doesn’t mean that you will always have something wrong, but it gives you the peace of mind that if something is wrong, you will have a technician working on your side to help resolve that issue and keep your AC unit healthy and in great working order. We do this before the Summer starts because the Summer is not only taxing to people being out in the heat, but it is also taxing on your unit and sometimes a faulty unit can succumb to the strain and stress that a Texas Summer can provide.

What Types of Things will AC Technicians Look For?

When one of our experienced technicians drops by your home or business to assess any AC problems, they will look for signs that the unit is not performing at its peak. The issues may be that a part is faulty, or that there is an issue with the age of the unit in general. It may concern refrigerant or may just be a simple fix like a bad capacitor or fuse. In any case, we go over the AC unit with a fine tooth comb, make sure everything is in working order and in some cases, we suggest changes or improvements to your system, This might be how you use your system, or environmental issues other than heat that may affect the unit, outside or inside the home. If the unit is really old and you are seeing it break down more often or operating inefficiently, we might suggest installing a new unit.

Are AC Systems Expensive?

The cost of the unit varies depending on the type, brand, warranty and size, but a good air conditioning unit is a vital part of your home and one of the top contributors to your personal comfort during the Summer months. I think sometimes, the mindset is that if you ignore a potential problem that it will just go away. The reality is that if you address yearly concerns with your home and its cooling system early on, you not only get the problem fixed faster, but you reduce your costs in the long run. AC systems are not inexpensive, but we pride ourselves on offering the best products at great prices and are excited to be able to offer The Woodlands area great financing options that allow anyone that wants to upgrade or replace their old system with a brand new, high efficiency, the ability to do so, and still keep costs within your budget.

How Do I learn More About Your Company Looking At Checking My AC Unit?

There are a couple of ways to get ahold of us. One way is to visit our website at You can view our company information, look at our products and contact us for a quote. Another way is to call us directly at 281-367-2655. From great products to great service, that is what differentiates us from the other AC companies in The Woodlands area. It is also why we are consistently voted the Best of The Woodlands year after year.