What are you saving for this year? A new car? A vacation with your family? Chances are you aren’t saving money to buy a new HVAC unit. It may not seem glamorous or even ideal, but if you need a new heating and cooling unit for your home, there’s no getting around it.

Often the financial side of buying a new HVAC unit is what drives people away. Hal Watson is pleased to announce financing options that will make it easier for families and businesses to replace their units without the financial stress.

We’ve partnered with EnerBank to offer 6.99% financing with approved credit. There’s no waiting, flexibility, and fantastic payment options. EnerBank’s home improvement loans, in partnership with Hal Watson, are the answer to those in need of financial help to fully finish the task of purchasing a new unit and getting it up and running as soon as possible.

Hal Watson is also pleased to work with Wells Fargo. You can get a Wells Fargo Home Projects credit card to purchase your unit and then make monthly payments.

It’s never fun to talk about money. Hal Watson wants to make every aspect of purchasing a new HVAC unit as seamless as possible – from financing to install to our knowledgeable technicians teaching you about your unit. We’re here to serve you. Give us a call at 281-367-2655 or visit halwatsonac.com today.