One of the cool services that Hal Watson offers is cleaning your dryer vent pipe. The dyer vent is one of those areas that most people don’t even think about, but making sure that the vent is clean and the air is flowing properly is one of those essential HVAC tasks that you just can’t ignore. 

Why is it important that the dryer vents are clean?

Clutter is a nuisance, but depending on where the clutter is, that nuisance could turn into a safety hazard for your house and family. Take for instance your home clothes dryer vent. This is the pipe that runs through your house that takes the hot humid air from your dryer and expels it to the outside. Without this exhaust, the hot air would accumulate in the dryer and would not only take forever to dry your cloths, but it could also cause fires due to the pent-up heat and the flammability of the lint. There are thousands of cases of home fires each year with millions of dollars worth of damages dryer lint fires cause. There are also reported injuries and death regarding these fires as well. 

What are signs that your dryer vent pipe is clogged?

There are some telltale signs that you want to keep an eye on regarding dryer vents. First, when a dryer vent airflow is blocked, it will take longer to dry your clothes. The reason for this is because the humid air is trapped in the pipe and dryer. With nowhere else to go, the hot, humid air accumulates in the dryer and stays in the machine, keeping the clothes damp. Secondly, a clothes dryer can create a burning smell due to the heat in the dryer and pipe igniting the dry lint. In addition, the dryer can experience additional condensation in and around the machine. 

If you have any issues with much longer dry times with your machine or smell anything burning, be safe and shut off the machine and call Hal Watson to drop by and look at your dryer vent. It takes a little time to professionally clean out the vent pipe, but the benefits to your home and family are immeasurable. Some dryer vents vent to an outside wall. Some dryers vent up through the attic and up through the roof. Hal Watson can make sure that not only is your dryer vent pipe clean but that the cap portion of your dryer vent located on your roof is clean as well. 

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