January and February are some of the coldest months of the year. It’s important to make sure that your heating unit is in good working order so that you don’t experience any interruption in warmth for you and your family this season. We stress the importance of having your system checked and the equipment maintained properly, but did you know that maintaining your system regularly can also save you money?

Most people focus on the system uptime, which is important. Without uptime, there is no heat, but there is also an increased monetary benefit that people overlook. First of all, a poorly maintained heating unit can reduce the lifespan of that system, requiring you to purchase a newer unit sooner than you might think. A heating unit should last from 15-25 years, but a poorly maintained system can quit working after only 10 years of use. Heating units are a significant investment, and that investment needs to be protected, not just at the time of purchase, but on a yearly basis.

In addition to making sure your system is running, having your system checked and maintained regularly can also save you a significant amount of money. You may not be aware of this, but regular cleaning and proper maintenance can save you from 15-20% in energy costs. Over the life of your heating unit, you can save thousands. It is a win/win for you and your family. You can save money each year in reduced energy costs and keep your heating unit for a much longer time.

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