With the sweltering temperatures still fresh on our minds, it is hard to believe that colder season is here. And with the drop in mercury, comes maintenance responsibilities for making sure that our heating units are ready for this welcome weather. Safety and performance are of utmost importance and Hal Watson wants you to be warm and comfy this fall and winter season. Here are a few tips to remember when checking your heating system. (And if you still have a pilot light on your furnace, it is time to start thinking about a new heating unit)

  • Make sure your heating unit pilot light is working properly
  • Make sure you replace your old air filters.
  • Make sure to replace dirty furnace filters.
  • Make sure you have new batteries in your carbon monoxide detectors (have detectors installed if you don’t have any).
  • Make sure that nothing is blocking the airflow from air returns and vents.
  • Make sure that you don’t have anything left near your heating unit that may be flammable.
  • Make sure to turn on your thermostat and test it to make sure it is working ok.
  • Make sure the heat exchanger is clean.
  • Make sure to have your heating unit professionally tuned-up and inspected. 

If you would like to schedule a professional inspection of your heating unit, please call us at 281-367-2655. We can have you set up and ready to brave the winter weather in comfort this season. Don’t wait until the cold weather arrives to make sure you are ready.