As you already know, the quality of air inside your home can affect the health of your family in profound ways. We usually think of air comfort when we think of HVAC systems and neglect an important aspect of air in our home – the circulation of clean, purified air to breathe. As air is blown through your home’s ductwork, dust, mold, and other allergens become trapped within that system and make their way into your house. To fix this problem, many people have implemented either filtering or sanitizing their systems, or both. We want you to know the difference between the two. 


Air filters or purifiers are focused on reducing dust and pollen particles in the air. Filters can be standalone units to help clean the air or can be a part of your existing HVAC system. Ultraviolet (UV) air cleaners use UV light to disinfect your home from bacteria and viruses and help make breathing much easier. Most homes use basic air filters that are part of their ductwork and are changed out every 3 months. They are relatively inexpensive and are a great way to help extend the life of your HVAC system. The type and effectiveness of filters differ, but the basic function is to try and trap unwanted particles that are flowing through the air. 


Sanitation, on the other hand, focuses on cleaning areas of your HVAC system like ductwork and filters to minimize allergens and mold as they travel through your home. Sanitizing your system can help reduce bacteria and make it easier to kill viruses and mold. This may involve cleaning your ductwork with a disinfectant fog that will coat the entire interior of the duct system. It may also include cleaning your vents, grilles, and registers. Cleaning or replacing your air filters may also be a part of the process and can improve the quality of the air you are breathing. Ultraviolet (UV) air cleaners use UV light to disinfect your home from bacteria and viruses and help make breathing much easier. We are using catalyzed UV lights now that produce healthy peroxides and zinc oxides.  The peroxides clean the air and the zinc oxides sanitize surfaces.

Hal Watson can help you with both options for quality air in your home. We are experts in HVAC and have been voted a Best Air Conditioning & Heating Contractor winner by Woodlands Online’s Best of The Woodlands contest since the survey was established.  

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