Hal Watson is offering induct mounted air purifiers. Hal Watson Air Conditioning provides the best in products and services to The Woodlands and surrounding areas. One of the reasons Hal Watson has been voted the Best of The Woodlands by local residents year after year is due to how comprehensive the services Hal Watson offers. One of the issues that Hal Watson helps address in the home is air purification. 

Contaminants in the air can cause severe respiratory problems. This is not just an inconvenience, but can be a huge health problem for those with acute respiratory issues or compromised immune systems. With Covid-19 being an ongoing issue, the community has made it a major issue to not only protect themselves when in public, but to also protect themselves at home. 

Induct Mounted Air Purifiers

In an effort to clean the air in the home, Hal Watson is offering induct mounted air purifiers. Induct mounted air purifiers work within an existing HVAC system and instead of cleaning the air in one small area or room, it works to purify the air in the entire home. It is very effective in blocking odors, bacteria, mold and other contaminants and it sanitizes surfaces with zinc ions for total indoor protection. Air purification is part of the leading technology in HVAC systems that makes Hal Watson the best AC company to work with. Call Hal Watson today to ask them about installing an induct mounted air purification system in your home. Be treated to the best service in the area and count of improving the quality of your life. Your family will benefit from cleaner air, less dust and a healthier environment. 

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