When something goes wrong with your air conditioning and heating system the obvious question is can it be repaired or should I replace it?  Repairing it may be the less expensive option, but are the cost of the repairs enough that it warrants replacing the system?

There are repairs that can be made by our experienced professional technicians, but there are factors that may indicate that it is time for a replacement.

Most Air Conditioning and Heating systems have a life expectancy of 10-15 years.  If yours is around this age span then you likely see a change in performance, efficiency, and effectiveness.  This will signal that it may be time to replace the system altogether.

You may notice that in the hotter months your utility bills spiked or that even with less use, going into cooler temperatures, that you don’t see a drop in energy costs.  Your unit may have enough wear that even with repairs it does not perform the way it should and should be replaced.

Is your unit making noises that you’ve never heard?  There could be something that needs to be repaired or adjusted but it also may be due to the stress of overuse, and wear and tear.

Are the repairs starting to add up to about half of the cost of a new unit?  Then it’s not worth proceeding with new repairs. The costs will only keep adding up and money would be better spent on a more efficient system.

Schedule a complimentary estimate today on replacing your system. This month we are running specials, so Call us at 281-367-2655 or contact us at service@halwatsonac.com, and ask which rebates, specials and financing we have available.  It may make much more sense to replace your system at this time.

As this crazy year winds down, all our families at Hal Watson Air Conditioning Company would like to Thank You for trusting us with the comfort of your families.