One of the questions we have been asked lately is how we equip our technicians amid the Coronavirus outbreak to provide services to our clients. It is an important question and it is a process that we take very seriously. Our aim is to protect both the customer as well as the technician. Safety is key and we have implemented one of the most stringent COVID-19 safety protocols in Montgomery County. We have tackled this process by identifying 3 key safety areas.


Our technicians are constantly evaluated and backup technicians are available when needed


First, we check our technicians for any COVID-19 symptoms daily to make sure that they are able to serve our clients without compromise. This is such an important issue that we do not allow any technician to service a call if there are any symptoms present. We have additional backup technicians that are brought in to bridge any gaps. This guarantees that the customer is taken care of in a manner that is consistent with Hal Watson AC standards. Having backup technicians is not something that every HVAC company provides, but it is something that we insist on. It is our first level of protecting you.


Gloves and masks are always used for all service jobs


Secondly, in an effort to make sure that once a technician is evaluated and is assigned to a job, they are required to wear a face mask as well as gloves. This is an added layer to protect the customer as well as make sure the technician is kept free of COVID-19.


We avoid any cross contamination


In addition to the masks and gloves, in an effort to minimize any cross contamination, we limit the physical contact between our technicians and customers as well as among our staff. We do this by dispatching all calls electronically and remotely. This minimizes our own physical contact internally, further assuring that safety protocols are effective and maximized. Once a job is completed, payments can be made verbally so that credit or debit cards are not touched.


With stringent safety protocols in place, we want to assure the community that when you are in need of any heating or AC repairs or new installations, Hal Watson AC is the safest company to provide those services. Whether it be for a repair, maintenance or new system, no other AC company in Montgomery County provides the most comprehensive safety procedures than Hal Watson AC.


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