When it comes to air conditioning systems, knowing when it is time to upgrade your AC unit is critical to the comfort of your family as well as important to your budget. There are several signs that assist you when wondering if a system requires maintenance or if the system needs to be replaced. Here are a few signs to look for.
Age of The Air Conditioning Unit
The age of an unit can be a factor in determining whether to replace your unit. Systems older that 10 years old generally are considered prime targets for replacements. This is mainly because units as with anything have predictable lifespans and 10 years is considered a good target age for the reliability of an AC unit.
Units using R 22 Freon
If your AC unit is older and still running but uses the older R 22 Freon, you may consider upgrading your system. As that freon is being fazed out, having to replace the old Freon will cost you a considerable amount of money. Much more money that if you were replacing freon on newer units.
You are having constant breakdowns or if your unit is inefficient
If you find that your unit operating costs are increasing to run your system due to inefficiency, you might be able to lower your costs in the long run by upgrading to a lower maintenance, lower operating cost unit. In addition, if you find that you are always needing to have a unit repaired, upgrading the AC unit should decrease your ongoing expenses due to not having to constantly repair the AC unit.
You are finding that you are having difficulties keeping your house comfortable
Sometimes, AC units have been installed in homes in which the unit was the incorrect size. The unit is too large or too small for the needed square footage. In this situation, it would be better to have the correct AC unit size installed in your home to help keep your family comfortable as well as keep costs manageable.
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