The cold weather is upon us and its that time of year when we start switching our thermostats over to heat. We enjoy the warm, comfortable air that our central heater produces, but sometimes instead of getting warm air, we end up getting cold air coming from of our vents. There are several problems that could cause this issue. We will cover some of those causes and help you get that warm air flowing in your house again. 

Faulty Thermostat

Sometimes, the issue with not getting warm air in your home is due to something as simple as a bad thermostat. Your thermostat regulates the air temperature in your house and you should check to make sure that the thermostat wasn’t accidentally switched from heat to cool inadvertently. Once you make sure that the setting is correct, check the functionality of the thermostat by raising the temperature a few degrees to make sure the central heater terms on and starts producing heat. 

Problem with Your Ducts

You can have a properly working thermostat and furnace and still not feel the heat due to problems with your duct system. Sometimes ducts, due to old age or being installed improperly can have gaps or holes in them that allow warm air to escape. Instead of warming your living room or bedroom, the air pushes into the attic instead. This can create other problems as well, but can be the reason you are not getting some or all the warm air circulated into your home. 

Faulty Heating Element

Sometimes your heating element goes bad or is dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced. If your thermostat is working properly and you are still not getting cold air, a bad or dirty heating element may be the culprit.  Making sure your heating element is clean is part of the preventative maintenance that Hal Watson can help you with during the year. If you suspect a bad heating element, give us a call at 281-367-2655 to drop by and check that out. 

Dirty Air Filters

As part of the regular upkeep of your air conditioning and central heating units requires making sure your air flow is good. Air filters are put into place to capture pollutants, dirt, allergens, etc. They are great at protecting the family and heating units, but requires that you replace them every so often. The rule of thumb is to replace your filter every month. Check your filter to make sure the air flow is not being impeded by a dirty filter. 

Faulty Blower

When everything is working correctly but you still are not feeling any air being pushed from the vents, then your issue could be that the unit blower might be bad. Your heating unit requires a blower to distribute the warm air throughout the house. It is the blower that pushes air through your setup of ductwork that eventually reaches your various rooms. Without the blower, the air can’t get to where it needs to go. If you suspect that your blower isn’t working, call us at 281-367-2655  to look at your blower and determine if you are needing a replacement. 

Old / Broken Furnace

Sometimes when your heating unit isn’t working, it may just be that your unit is very old and needs to be replaced. Everything we purchase has an expected lifespan. We maintain the units to keep them working for years, but at some point, they will have completed their usefulness and need to be updated and replaced. The good news is that technology continues to advance and the new units are usually better than the ones being replaced. They are more energy efficient and can produce heat with less effort. 

Hal Watson AC and Heating can help you determine what your central heating issue is. Whether it is something simple or if you are needing a new central heating unit, we can help address your problem. Give us a call today at 281-367-2655.